Northwest Intertribal Court System

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Northwest Intertribal Court System


Working for the good of tribes in the Northwest.


About NICS

     The Northwest Intertribal Court System (NICS) is a consortium of Indian tribes based in Western Washington. 

     These tribes have joined their resources to insure that each tribe is able to have its own court by sharing judges, prosecutors, and related court services.  NICS also assists member tribes in the development of their individual justice systems and provides personnel as needed to operate each tribal court.

In addition to providing services to its member tribes, NICS has provided services on a fee-for-service basis to tribes in California, Oregon, Alaska, Idaho, Montana, and Utah; and is available to provide consultation and court services to any tribe or first nation in the United States and Canada.

     A non-profit organization established in 1979, NICS has a Governing Board composed of a representative from each member tribe.  The Governing Board sets all policy for the organization and selects both the executive director and the judges.

NICS' mission

To assist the member tribes, at their direction, in a manner which recognizes the sovereignty, individual character, and traditions of those tribes in the development of tribal courts which will provide fair, equitable, and uniform justice for all who fall within their jurisdiction.