The essence of sovereignty is the right to establish, implement, and interpret the laws by which a community is governed.  NICS offers code writing and revision services to both NICS member and non-member tribes, on a contract basis.  The Code Department works closely with tribes to create codes and regulations which reflect the unique culture, values, and traditions of the people to whom the law will apply.  This approach not only promotes the development of strong tribal laws, but ultimately affords a greater opportunity for the successful implementation of those laws as well.

     Tribes interested in code development services are encouraged to contact NICS for a consultation. 

The Code Development Process

     NICS can assist tribes to identify and assess their legislative needs, to analyze the legal and practical implications of various legislative solutions, and to draft individually tailored tribal codes and regulations.  After consultation with the tribe, NICS begins each project by creating a work-plan that outlines the most appropriate code development or revision strategy for the particular legislation at hand.  The Code Department also offers codification services.

     Code development at NICS is a collaborative process.  The NICS Code Department typically works closely with tribal committees in the drafting or revision of each piece of tribal legislation.  Tribal committees provide essential input to guide the appropriate development of the law, ensuring that the end product is properly tailored to the needs of the tribe.

     NICS staff members supply legal research and drafting expertise, bringing years of code development experience to the process.  The result of this collaborative approach is tribal law that addresses the unique needs of each tribe and provides a solid foundation for tribal justice systems.


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