Northwest Intertribal Court System

Working for the good of tribes in the Northwest



The Northwest Intertribal Court System provides mediation services to tribes as a flexible alternative to the formal court system.

  The mediation process allows parties greater control over the outcome of a dispute and is an efficient avenue to justice by avoiding the costs and resources associated with having a matter heard in tribal court.

Mediations can also be used to resolve disputes before they reach litigation or to assist with disputes or complaints brought forward in other tribal settings,  

Our mediators are experienced in upholding confidentiality, promoting productive discussions, and effectively communicating with parties to enhance understanding while maintaining the focus on culturally appropriate and supportive conflict resolution.

NICS mediation services range from code and program development, coordination with parties about mediation dates/locations and what to expect during the mediation, to finalizing a mediation agreement and any needed follow-up between or with the parties.

NICS also offers a virtual mediation setting for those that prefer the convenience of participating in the mediation process remotely.


If you are interested in mediation services, please email for more information.