Dan Kamkoff,  Executive Director

extension: 107     dank@nics.ws

Katie Nicoara,  Administrative Assistant

extension: 115     katien@nics.ws

Erin Livingstone,  AP/AR

extension: 113     erinl@nics.ws

Tim Rybka,  Prosecutor

extension: 118     timr@nics.ws

Kathy Ardinger,  ICW Paralegal

extension: 109     kathyr@nics.ws

Cynthia Engel,  Criminal Law Paralegal 

extension: 108     cynthiae@nics.ws

Katy Angevine, Paralegals' Assistant
 extension: 119     katya@nics.ws

20818 44th Ave W.  Suite 120
Lynnwood,  WA  98036 

Telephone:  425-774-5808
Fax:               425-744-7704

Diana Herrera,  IT Director

extension: 105     dianah@nics.ws

Working for the good of tribes in the Northwest

Northwest Intertribal Court System