Northwest Intertribal Court System

Working for the good of tribes in the Northwest


     Northwest Intertribal Court System (NICS) has been providing judicial services to member tribes since its inception in 1980.. 

     NICS judges hear a variety of cases at the tribal level including criminal, fishing, housing, family and commercial disputes.

     NICS judges have helped bring regularity and predictability to the judicial process while at the same time remaining sensitive to the individual needs and traditions of each tribe.  The fairness and impartiality of NICS has inspired a confidence in the tribal courts which has resulted in a significant increase in the number and diversity of cases being filed in NICS member courts. 

     NICS judges also provide appellate and court administration services.

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     If you are interested in serving as a NICS judge, please submit a letter of interest, resume, three writing samples and references to