NICS Prosecution Team

Tim Rybka, Prosecutor
Office: (425) 774-5808 x-118

Kathy Ardinger, ICW Paralegal
Office:  (425) 774-5808 x-109

Cynthia Engel, Criminal Paralegal
Office: (425) 774-5808 x-108

Katy Angevine, Paralegals' Assistant
Office:  (425) 774-5808 x-119


     The NICS Prosecution Department Team work closely with Tribal Law Enforcement Officers and Tribal Officials to ensure adequate representation for the Tribe in Tribal courts.

    The NICS Prosecutor's Department currently consists of two (2) full-time Prosecutors, three (3) full-time Paralegals and two (2) Paralegals' Assistants.

     The NICS Prosecution Team represent Tribes in Criminal, Indian Child Welfare (ICW), and Civil matters.

Department Divisions

    The Criminal Division of the Prosecution Department, prosecutes criminal actions referred by law enforcement for the Tribe.

     The Indian Child Welfare (ICW) Division of the Prosecution Deparment, represents the Tribe in ICW matters that include dependencies, protective services, guardianships and adoptions in both Tribal and State courts.

     The Civil Division of the Prosecution Department represents the Tribe in civil actions.

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